About Us

We are an agency of creative Earthen craftspeople. An idea was born, like so many, out of a lack of satisfaction from the options presented. From a rooted passion to bring people together and make awesome happen. We lead workshops that teach people how to grow their own food and design unique landscapes that work with natural resources.

We firmly believe there is a local agriculture movement, and are passionate about developing edible and multi-use greenspace.

We offer sustainable agriculture setup and maintenance, orchard development for long term fruit and nut production, and a year's worth of workshops to teach all of it.


Our mission is to empower and inspire humanity to a more equitable world through access to nature and living sustainably with ecology minded practices, human-made low impact dwellings, and high yield food production that will last for generations. With workshop based hands-on education, and business level consulting/implementation services, we hope to reach many different socio-economic populations from immigrants and refugees to corporations that see change on the horizon.


We envision transformed diverse neighborhoods into resilient communities that focus on zero emissions transit (bicycle and HOV lanes, public transit, walking), local relationships to farmers and seasonal agriculture, inclusivity and diversity, open source education (both traditional and natural)