About us

We are an agency of creative Earthen craftspeople. An idea was born, like so many, out of a lack of satisfaction from the options presented. From a rooted passion to bring people together and make awesome happen. We lead workshops that teach people how to grow their own food and design unique landscapes that work with natural resources.

We firmly believe there is a local agriculture movement, and are passionate about developing edible and multi-use greenspace.

We offer small scale agriculture setup and maintenance, orchard development for long term fruit and nut production, and a year's worth of workshops to teach all of it.


Our mission is to regenerate the Earth and awaken the people. To build schools of conscious thought, where deeper connection is taught. Through conscious workshops, we design earthen spaces and educate willing minds in urban agriculture, natural building and energy, business development, self-reliance, natural healing, and community outreach. Natural buildings can serve as classrooms, studios, greenhouses, showcase models, or even dwelling space. Each one fully customizable to it's environment and intention. Our workshops build classrooms. The classrooms host workshops that build studios. Before you know it, we've built a small Artizen Eco Village.


Human interaction. Kindness. Abundance. A network of activated, conscious humans in the emerging new economy.