The Artizen EcoVillage

Purely coincidental timing, but given the state of affairs, this seems like a good time show you what we have been working on lately. THE WORLD WE WISH TO SEE.

The Artizen EcoVillage – a modern working example of a mostly independent community. Over the last five years we’ve taken leaps and bounds of progress and experience in backyards, community houses, neighborhood gardens, urban farms, tiny homes, eco-event production, tech-startup, and property management that spans Northern California, Los Angeles, Malibu, San Diego, Philadelphia, New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, as well as Maui and Big Island, Hawaii.

The Artizen EcoVillage is the next step, and we are actively seeking relationships to bring this vision to life. It is a community of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds that grow and learn, raise families, and start businesses in tech, green industry, and outdoor education. People who are interested in local and regenerative food sources, their environmental impact, leaving the world better than how we found it, and who participate in the world we wish to see now and for generations to come. A functioning city of commerce and retreat that attracts global travelers, progressive thinkers, and savvy business people alike.

Here it is in PDF - Artizen EcoVillage.

It is top level and meant to stoke the beginning of a conversation with investors, land owners, or both. Specifics of revenue would be addressed in further detailed conversation, and location would be determined by the relationships we cultivate. Tropical sounds nice. Emily and I were in Guatemala recently, and absolutely loved the country. Eco-tourism is a billion dollar industry.

And I’m not talking about a hippie commune.

There are dozens of models of success for a modern EcoVillage with WiFi and bicycles, and farmers markets, and boutique stores, and hot showers, and personal space. The Emerald EcoVillage, LAEcoVillage, Dancing Rabbit, Encyclopedia Pictura, Aprovecho, Davis Village Homes, and are just a few, but there are over 135 in the US alone.

I refuse to let the shinanagins of this political circus draw attention from the groundswell that is the ecologically aware, diverse, socially conscious, and sustainable future and since it really is up to us, we should feel the fire like never before.

- Adam