Mauli Ola Festival

The Mauli Ola Festival will bring together a global tribe to celebrate, learn and generate new conversations about coffee, human rights, and earth-friendly practices like permaculture and Leave No Trace. Conversations like these are powerful force multipliers that can create real shifts in how the world works. Help us launch the first-ever Mauli Ola Festival, September 21-24 at Wood Valley Farm on Hawai’i Island.

Tickets and more information here.

Coffee and permaculture in Hawaii?! Are you kidding me, of course. And we will be debuting the beginnings of our ecovillage. Join us in some hands on workshops and learn about self reliance and home building from recycled and natural materials all on an 87 acre sustainable coffee farm.

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Tickets use code GOODENERGY for 50% off... wink wink ;)

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