We are Artizens. Our hands feel best in clay and soil, and waving through the air describing techniques. Over the years, we've sought knowledge and autonomy in the desert, organic horticulture in the tropics, permaculture in the forests, and agriculture with urban sustainability. Now it's time to bring the info to the people. Each of our Artizens is gifted with a knack for leadership and teaching in their own field, and we are always seeking to learn more. Through our collaboration we've been developing a new form of curriculum. Education that really matters for living a sustainable, harmonious life on our finite planet.

You are an Artizen, and we aim to draw that out of you.


Creative Recycling/Reuse

Earthen Oven

Mass Heater

Rocket Stove

Urban Agriculture

Earth Home Design & Build

Geodesic Domes

Tiny Homes

Biodynamics & Permaculture


Leave No Trace Stewardship


Simple Building Using Earthen, Recycled, and Repurposed Materials

“Going Green”

Wellness Workshops